This post has alot more effort put into it partly because i was waiting for BC to load all the patches on the computer im on. I sort of enjoyed writting this one despite the bits of writers block. I also introudced one new character.

Things latley have been alright for me. Episode 3 of RP Tavern was recorded monday and i really enjoyed it. I think im getting alot better at it too ^_^ and ive gotten compliments on my voice too = 0. I think its a bit weird listening to yourself talk because its like “I SOUND like t hat?!” but im getting used to it.

I also went snowboarding for spring break with my bf <3. I hurt my back and its still really sore, i might get it checked out if the pain doesnt stop soon >_<. But we did have alot of fun looking at all the adorable shops (such as starbucks, ben and jerrys and the chocolate store!) but there were also lodges and condo’s and that sort of things. I also had sushi even though ive had it before they prepared it differently and placed Tomodoci i think it was called that mean fish eggs T___T”. I was fine not knowing what it was before my bf pointed that out to me not expecting me to freak out. I ended up trying to pick off the hundreds of little eggs with much failure so i ended up taking the rolls apart and eating them avoiding the rice and fish eggs. Im also engaged!(not really im still sorta young >_<)

I left off with Aiyu in the cathedral so the dialogue continues from where we left off. Also with Nick and the Warlock girl who i gave a name finally! Their romance plot is a little weird how i have it in my head so i decided to let you guys think of what could be “going wrong” and why they couldnt have “contact” before. Also give me your idea’s i love them!  It makes it alot easier to write most of the time. I also introduced the in[famous] Makku. Im trying to make him sly and catlike so im just learning >_<. But hes a really great person and I ❤ him to death so im going to love creating his character with my words ^_^. Enjoy and give me comments. – Aiyume/Deadlei

“I was just comming to pray at the cathedral right before I returned to Outlands.” Aiyume said turning and facing the arch that lead out into the main hall. “Leaving so soon?” he asked her looking at his feet. “My vacation was cut short.” she said simply before walking down the sacred carpet leading to the altar. “Can I pray with you?” he asked following her. “As you wish.” she said simply kneeling down, closing her eyes, and began to start a deep trance. Splintercel tried to copy what she was doing but seemed to fail. “Can a rogue’s sins be forgiven?” he asked her quietly murmuring under his breath. “What?” she said opening one eye.

“Just what I said.” he said shortly. Aiyume seemed to be lost. “I’ve slain thousands and thousands of people for my own enjoyment. I pick pocket and steal and i have never been seen. Not ONCE, whenever i have the urge for fresh blood i slaughter dozens and leave nothing behind. I’m a sinner. I’ts too late for me.” he said hanging his head and begin to count on his fingers. “Seven. I’ve slain seven commrades.”. “Eight for me.” she said simply. “If you know how to…. then maybe… just maybe… your quaint voice might be heard over the screams of thousands. Even if it was then there is still a chance that your soul wont be cleaned. Me. I’ve never tried to have my sins forgiven. I hope for other things.” she spoke softly.

“You dont just pray to be forgiven?” he asked her. “I’m the one who attended Zul’Gurub five seasons to soon, and lived to tell the tale.” she said smiling and faced him. “I just hope for the saftey of myself and the people surrounding me. As well as good health and fortune, and luck in love.” she said adverting her gaze after speaking. “I also hope that I live to see the next glowing moon with shimmering stars dancing around it and twinkling in the night..” she said reminicing of the times when she was a girl. “Here.” she said softly placing his hands in hers watching him blush. “Now close your eyes.” she said whispering. “Now think of something that you want to happen in the future and really focus on it. When your done pray for saftey and sucess and whatever else feels necessary to you… if you get lost… ill guide you with my spiritual power..” she whispered in his ear. After a few minuets Aiyume let go of his hands and continued on with her own. “and for nick…” she began to say.

“That’s whats going on…” Nick said to her looking at the ground. “It all makes sense now…” he said again. “You understand now?” the warlock girl said to him shakily. They were sitting down in the posh magic district on the lush green grass gazing at a diagram spread out on the floor. Sparks from the hightower were slowly shooting out, and Masters strolled along the park with their hopeful apprentices tagging behind them gracefully and excitedly. The sky was turning grey with dark clouds storming through the sky in a hustle, and the wind was racing blowing everything in its path. “I’ll protect you Cerria…” he said softly. “We can go together. It will be fine. I promise.” he whispered with his eyes growing larger. “I….” she said choking back tears. “Come here…” he said quietly running a warm hand down her ict cold cheek before pulling her in and giving her a soft kiss on the mouth. Cerria looked shocked and put her head in her hands. “It’s alright. I didn’t hurt you this time… last time i wasn’t able to control my power. We’re able to come in contact.” he said holding her tight in his arms. “Wha… what about that elven girl?” she whispered. “Aiyume?” he said chuckling to himself. “Shes like my sister…”

“I’m going to head off now.” Aiyume said quietly standing up while clutching her robe tighter to her chest. “It’s going to rain…” she said to Splintercel. “Need any help getting back?” he asked her hopefully. “No… i can manage.” she replied smiling to him while she strode towards the door. “Good luck in Outlands.” she called to him at the archway before walking out. “AIYUME!” he said quickly chasing after her quickly, he stopped her outside at the stairway. The sky began to form little dropplets in its hold. “Where are you going in Outlands?” he yelled trying to make his voice carry over the winds. “NETHERSTORM!” she yelled back as her silver hair went wild and tangled around her, as the thunder began to boom through the sky she turned on her heel and took off. “I hate storms…” she mumbled under her breath heading towards the magic district.

“NICK!” she called out standing underneath the magic tower. The place was completley deserted and the only sound that could be heard was the rustling of the wind in the grass and the shaking of leaves. “Great…” she thought to herself sitting down and huddling for warmth. “Just great.”. Then a hand reached out and tapped her on the shoulder and whispered in her ear “rawr…”. “WHA?!” she jumped up and sped around gazing at a man with long black hair, a cool complexion, and eyes that burned like fire. “Yo.” he said simply sitting down and went back into stealth. “Makku….” she sighed looking around aimlessly. “You win… i cant see you.”. “Atleast you could tryyyyy.” he called out to her lazily. Thinking up a quick plan she turned her back to the wall and whispered loud enough for him to hear. “Maybe its time to sharpen my… claws… again.” she said micheviously. “May i help?” he appeared infront of her grinning.


So im finally on Spring Break and I have nothing at all to do. Sad right? I plan on getting Aiyu to 70 by the end of this week though ^_^. Then im going to make a PvP video!
Im starting to get a little writters block but it normally fades after a few days and im inspired again! This post will probably go over alot of editing so excuse my mistakes. Not much to say for once o.o”. Enjoy!

Aiyume awoke in a heap. “How did I get here?…” she mumbled from under her breath while sliding out of bed slowly. The sun was creeping through the glass in the window giving the room a dim lit look. The morning air was frosty and only a handful of people were strolling around the town at this hour, many of them clutching cloaks tightly around their shoulders and blowing out smoke. Rubbing her glowing eyes gently she crept towards the dresser at the far right end of the room and read a small note under a sack of coins. “I should be returning shortly. Go ahead and grab a bite to eat. -nick”. “Always looking out for me…” she thought to herself while picking up the sack and stumbling down the stairs.
Faint music was playing in the background along to the sounds of clinking cups and faint chatter. Gazing around for a place to sit, Aiyume spotted Nick sitting at a table with his back turned to her. Across from him was a human warlock female with raven black hair, blood red robes, and a warm expression. They seemed to be having a bit of an argument, but as soon as the warlock spotted Aiyume she stood up, turned on her heel, and walked out silently with a small imp at her side. “Wait!” Nick said calling after her, but she was already gone. “Damn…” he said to himself sitting back down on the table with his head hung low. Unsure of what to do Aiyume quietly walked over to where he was sitting and sat down across from him, Nick looked up at her embaressed. “Uhm…” he began to say. “I didn’t see much, she saw me and took off.” she replied shrugging.
He remained silent. “Who was she anyways?” she asked curiously. “Old friend.” he said shortly standing up a bit angirly. “I’m sorry for asking…” she replied worried. “Dont worry about it Aiyu.” he said walking out of the inn. “He was my ticket out of here…” she thought to herself before leaving the inn shortly after him. The morning air was still very frosty but there were more people now wandering the streets of Stormwind. Dozens gathered around the mail box next to the counting house. Some with tears of joy and others with tears of sadness. The more experianced rode around modeling Nightsabers with large gems in the reigns, while others flew around in the sky on snowy white Griffons.
“This place is always much more animated than Darnassus.” she said quietly while strolling around the city. Little childern were running around with dolls while the residents and shop owners began chatting constantly. “Are these the people in supposed to defend…” she through to herself as she headed towards the cathedral to look for guidance. Turning the corner she began to hear familiar voices again. “It wasn’t supposed to be this way!” a female voice spoke angirly. “and when did you care?!” another voice snapped back. “Its unprofessional of me!” the female replied. “Thats a lame excuse. You know that!” the second said almost yelling. “My demons have been getting wrestless…” she said with a low voice. “Something is not right here…” she said again. “And what could that be?” the male voice said. “Ever since i’ve enterted the Dark Portal everyones aura has been altered…” she said whispering.
“Our aura?” he replied thinking to himself. “Follow me…” she said again walking away. After hearing footsteps walk in the opposite direction, Aiyume peered over the wall only to find a glimpse of Nick. Shaking her head she crossed the bridge and into the Cathedral district. She gazed at other holy figures lounging around but chose to ignore them. Removing her weapon and she strolled into the cathedral she got a glimpse of a purple haired night elf talking nervously to one of the trainers. “Aiyume?” one of them spoke to him. He nodded. “Good girl she is…” they said again. Thinking quickly, Aiyume focused deeply on the energy within herself and transformed into a shadow of dark energy. “Splintercel…” she said to herself before casting mind vision.
“Argh…” Splintercel said said stammering, and looking around. “Get out of my head…..” he said struggling to dispel the charm. “Oh no…” she thought to herself while walking back canceling the spell. Splintercel turned around quickly and gazed around near the entrance. “I have to talk to him…” she said exhaling deeply before stepping out of the shadows. “Hello…” she replied looking at him straight in the eye. “Aiyume….” he said.

I dont think ive ever written a post back to back before. Its alot easier on Aiyume’s part because her background isnt as indepth and sinister as Deadlei’s. Since shes on a Pvp server aswell I never made a lore for her, so i can just start right into the more to day events. I think one day ill make a Venn Diagram and compare and contrast the two, that should be different. I also plan on making different kinds of posts so its not akways the same thing. Maybe a Diary entry or something of that sort.

The character Nick I brought into the story is also one of my good friends in game. His name is actually Nintendonick but… it would be just a bit weird to write about and  just call him plain Nick anyways. At one point in game him, Eirika and I were like this “trio” of people where we would hang out and just overall have fun. We were very close friends so I thought I should include it into my writing. I couldnt get a good description of Nick’s armor and weapons and such because he’s a lvl 70 mage and we havent gotten much face time recentally.

After about an hour of finishing up her mean and a good sum of ale Aiyume left the inn alone. Still very intoxicated by the beverages she began to wander aimlessly around with the intent on finding a place to stay for the night. Without warning she somehow left the city of Darnassus and began walking along the path to the forest leading out of it. It was very late at night and the sky was a dark blanket of silk embellished in diamonds, almost perfect enough to take and sow into a robe. The trees rustled in the wind making the leaves waltz through the air along to the whistling tune that the breeze played softly.

Normally Aiyume had very sharp senses that she would use for survival but because of the indulgence they were almost cut in half. Without warning a massive ball of fire flew through the air barley missing her nose. “AHHHH!” she screamed spiraling around swiftly lazily gripping her staff with both hands. “Who goes there?” she called out towards the direction of the attack. Shortly after another flame was sent out but this one was different. Instead of aiming towards her face it landed on the ground and began to spread spelling out a message. “From the famous Nickster.” it read. “Nick?!” She called out again glancing around. “Hey pretty lady.” a young man said stepping out from the shadows. He wore purple robes with intricate details streaming all around it, with a large glowing mantle piece, and a head piece to match. He wore a small sword to his side, and a smile that could turn deadly at any second. “Its been a while.” he said coolly running a hand through his light brown hair.

“You seem to be doing quite well.” Aiyume said to him admiring his armor. “Look at you!” she spoke again smiling. “Not bad yourself Aiyu.” he replied nodding his head in agreement. “What brings you too these parts? Taking a break from Outlands I see?” she asked. “Just looking for you. I heard you decided to take a break.” he replied making a quick camp fire on the ground and sitting down in front it, motioning her to sit down as well.

“Have you been drinking?” he asked her concerned as he looked into her eyes. “Just a bit…” she replied lazily looking up into the sky. “What’s the occasion?” he asked her. “Oh…Splintercel treated me to dinner… that’s all.” she said quietly. “Hmmm….” Nick said scratching his head in thought. “Night Elf, Purple hair, carries swords, and a rogue?” he asked her trying to think of his description. “That’s him!” she replied smiling. “You should really watch out Aiyu… rogues can be very… sinister. They don’t have the class or intellect of that or a mage or priest.” he said flexing his muscles.

“Intellect?” Aiyume said to herself. “You know, mana, casting spells, all that jazz.” he replied conjuring water from his hand before handing a glass to Aiyume. “This will help you out a bit.” he said while she took a sip of the liquid and started to cough. “You shouldn’t be drinking, remember last time with Eirika?” Nick reminded her.

“Oh yeah…” she said thinking about the time when her, Nick, and Eirika all got very drunk at a bar and attempted to quest in t he nasty Stockades in Stormwind City. “Wasn’t it your first time tasting liquor?” he asked her. Aiyume nodded. “That’s right! You passed out cold right after you slaughtered a few prisoners, and me and Eiri had to carry you out.” he laughed reminiscing about the past. “Eiri got a laugh out of it… I’m no dwarf!” she said chuckling to herself. “I heard she was wandering around Shadowmoon Valley.” Aiyume said quietly.

“I don’t think she’s ready for that place yet…” he said thinking. “Splintercel said he saw her…” Aiyume replied. “I saw him earlier actually.” Nick replied thinking to himself. “I just cant stop thinking about him now.” she said smiling to herself. “You guys are in the same guild right?” he said standing up. Aiyume nodded “Warriors Azteka…”

“I was lodging in Stormwind for awhile a take a break from slaying demons in Netherstorm, I’ve got quite the reputation to match.” he said flexing again. “If you don’t have a place to sleep tonight your more than welcome to stay with me and sleep off the ale for the night.” he offered reaching out a hand to help her up. “Alright…” she said lazily looking around.

“Here we go!” Nick said creating a portal to Stormwind. Aiyume reached out to touch the shimmering image of the human capital, and felt herself getting rapidly sucked in. With a quick “pop” she felt her feet hit the ground and she began to wobble.

“Whoa there!” Nick said catching the stumbling Aiyu in his arms. “Watch out there.” he said poking her long, soft ears. Looking around they were in a small room with two small beds at each end with two small end tables. There was a large window overlooking the fountain by the bank, as well as other shops illuminated by the lights flickering through the glass.

“I’ll leave some gold on the table if you wake up and I’m not here so you can buy a meal.” Nick said placing a small bag on the table. “Alright.” she said collapsing on the bed. “I’ll make you a portal back to Darnassus tomorrow when I return from a meeting so you don’t have to walk.” he said walking out of the room. “Until tomorrow.” he called out to her from behind his back.

 Since I enjoyed doing a character blog of Deadlei I decided to make one for my lovley Aiyu-chan ^_^”. Shes very different from Deadlei and alot more cheerful and playful aswell. Even though she currently resides on Stormscale with is a PvP server and i dont RP with her, I got the insipiration to still write about her. The characters i mentioned so far and my actual friends: Splintercel is a lvl 70 rogue and Eirika is a lvl 64 BE and NE priest on two different servers. (Yes, he plays a female both times and lvled 2 different priests under the same name. Crazy right?) Its alot easier writing about Aiyu because Im probably not going to get into her background later and I enjoy writing about the romance between her and Splintercel (which is how it is in game too -blushes-) Enjoy!

 [Meeting at the lake]

Aiyume sat in the crystal lake alone bathing. She just returned from a mission in the Outlands and decided to take a bit of a break and return to her home town in Darnassus. The small forest right outside the city was her favorite place to lounge around in and just spend hours to herself. The trees were lush with colors of green, pink, and even hints of blue, and the air was always still yet seemed to be singing a soft melody to those who listened. It has been quite some time since she was able to unwind since her priestly duties always seemed to be harassing her and dozens of people pleaded for her company, so the time alone seemed to do her justice.

She gathered her cupped hands into the water and poured the sparkling liquid over her head washing her long silver hair. “I know your there Splintercel.” she called out slowly turning around. There was no one to be seen. Smiling Aiyume splashed water into the air giggling to herself. “Argh!” a male voice called out slowly materializing from thin air. “Spying were you?” she asked raising an eyebrow up at the night elf with long purple hair that stopped at his lower back. “Of…of course not!” he stammered brushing the water off of his face. “Your rogue tactics only work on me sometimes you know!” she replied running her finger through the water making ripples. “I just heard you returned so I came to check out the rumors.” he said bowing at her. “Only for a while.” Aiyume said smiling up at him. “Care to join me?” she teased splashing him with the water again. Splintercel turned a shade of crimson and acted like he was thinking about it. “Erm…no thanks…ill just wait till you finish up…” he said stepping back. “Well you were already spying on me, NOW you show modesty?” she mocked. “Sorry…” he said embarrassed. “Its alright.” she laughed while cupping more water in her hands and pouring it over her head again. Water slowly rolled down her cheeks and dripped off her chin slowly.

She sighed deeply. “Its so cold…” she said to Splintercel looking up at the sky with her glowing crystal eyes. “Uhm…yes it is….” he said trying to advert his gaze off her. “I think I should get out now.” she said simply. “Don’t look now!” she called out to him. “Right…” he said turning around while she quickly dried off and slipped back into her violet robe embellished in jewels with a blue trim at the bottom and intricate patterns running along the sides. “Alright!” she said grinning while she spun around slowly modeling her new robe for him.

“Whoa!” he said blushing at her. “You look…” he began to say searching for words. “I just got it last week from the Underbog, nasty place that is! This awful creature had it in his possession. Now its mine!” she said cheering. “…beautiful.” he said quietly finishing his sentence. “What?” she asked walking towards him. “Erm… nothing…” he said looking at his feet. “Why are you so bashful today Hun?” Aiyume asked him looking into his eyes.

Splintercel smiled to himself at the name “Hun”. “Its nothing.” he said trying to act natural. “May I buy you a bite to eat?” he asked her politely. “What a gentlemen.” she teased giving him a kiss on the cheek making him blush once again. “Of course.” she replied walking away from the lake tying her staff that glowed of dark energy around her back. “What sounds decent to you?” he asked her gazing up into the sky.

“Anything sounds nice at this point. I’m so exhausted!” she said walking next to him as they approached the entrance to Darnassus. “Have you talked to Eirika lately?” he asked her trying to start conversation as they walked towards an inn. “No. Can’t say that I have.” she replied thinking about her sister that was a priestess as well. “I saw her the other day in Shadowmoon Valley.” he said sitting down at a small table across from her trying to avoid eye contact with her. “What was she doing there?” she asked her widening her eyes worried. Splintercel shrugged, then walked towards the bar.

After a few minuets he returned with large mugs of ale and warm bread. He placed it on the table and instantly took a large gulp of ale before speaking again. “I missed you a lot you know.” he blurted out. “Did you now?” she replied her cheeks flushed from the ale. “I didn’t think you were coming back this time.” he explained more boldly now. “Why wouldn’t I?” she said giggling. “You’re so reckless sometimes.” he said again taking another large gulp.

“Me?” she asked drowsily. “Its my job to heal people!” “and slaughter people with shadow magic?” he said laughing. “That too!” she said laughing and almost spilling over her drink. “I think I’ve fallen for you Aiyu!” he blurted out. Once he realized what he just said he stood up abruptly. “Really?” she said with her eyes widened. “I…gotta go!” he said running out of the inn. “Wait…” she called out to him. “I’ve fallen for you too…” she said to herself.

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